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Siamo stati completamente sommersi da 8.000 disegni, provenienti da più di 90 paesi! Una celebrazione dell’arte e della creatività. Tutti i disegnatori meritano il nostro più profondo ringraziamento per il tempo dedicato a realizzare i loro contributi. Grazie! Dopo quella della giuria, anche la voce della gente si è infine aggiunta per decretare i 10 vincitori che vi presentiamo di seguito.

The spotty cat Guzel Garipova Russia Russia

I graduated as an architect from Kazan State University of Building and Construction 2011, then Studied illustration and graphic design in Prague school of design. I have worked as a freelance illustrator, a graphic designer and an art director since 2008. This spotty cat in the carpet is posing in a thoughtful way and trying to mimic the background.

charcoal Eden den Hertog Paesi Bassi Paesi Bassi

I'm an amateur 16-year-old artist from Holland, that loves graphic design and digital art. Besides school I spend a lot of time doing artwork. This design is inspired by coal that has been lit, of which the fire is slowly fading out. The same way coal is an unsustainable fossil fuel that is slowly but surely not being used anymore.

Don't leaf me Paula Grzybowska Polonia Polonia

I'm 26 and I'm a fresh textile design graduate from Poland. Throughout mystudies I have been mostly focusing on minimalistic, black and white projects. Curently I'm starting to incorporate more colours and structures to my designs. My personal, minimalistic take on the botanical world.

CATALPA Aneta Doległo Polonia Polonia

I am an interior designer educated in Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. In my projects I look for timeless design with personal expression. I belive that well designed spaces can improve our lives. The rug was inspired by leaves falling from the trees. The form was simplified, multiplied and dressed up in sophisticated colours.

Balance/Imbalance Pippa Shaw Francia Francia

I am an artist and designer who is inspired by my love of nature. My work is rooted in classic design principles and imbued with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic; I love to make art that sparks the imagination that can transport us from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life. Inspired by balance and imbalance in nature. The most important issue of our time.

Boho Fish Beata Basińska Polonia Polonia

I'm an artist and furniture designer. I live and work in Poland. I'm fascinated by the beauty of nature, bionics, architecture and anthropology.I love to photograph, read and get inspired. The Boho Fish project is a geometric and dynamic composition. The pattern and neutral colors are inspired by nature. Lines create an interesting pattern of fish.

Everything is still Sasha Moiseeva Russia Russia

I'm a graphic designer and decorator and I'm impressed with meaningful, visually pleasing solutions to any problems in completely different fields. To think and create is a very valuable and enjoyable activity for me. Simply. Concisely. Still.

COLORFUL KNOT Kagithakar Ethiraaji India India

I'm a childhood artist and cartoonist having participated in more than 20 International Art Competitions for the past 3 months. In addition, I am a post-graduate in Commerce in Madras University, Tamil Nadu, India. I am curious in making my designs that "sprit of seeing is an enjoyable process".

BASKETBALL COURT Sonniewing Yeung Hong Kong Hong Kong

I have the experience for the graphic design and visual merchandiser and worked in different design studio and fashion brands. And I started my ownaccessory label at 2013. I always using colour-blocking the geometric to develop my design. The basketball court is amazing place, it can make people have a different emotions.

Tigre Jahangir Saed Svezia Svezia

Born in Iran1974. Moved too Sweden when I was 13 years old. I rarely planwhat to draw/design or create. It starts in photoshop with a sketch and then I see where it leads me. I wanted to design a modern, playful interpretation of tiger stripes with a softer and modern color where you could see movement and harmony.


Oltre ai 10 migliori vincitori in base ai voti, la giuria ha selezionato il design che le é piaciuto di più.

"Grazie a una tecnica vivace e innovativa viene creato un’impressione visiva in cui la giocosità incontra la magia della natura. Un design di gran classe realizzato in modo molto artistico e interessante”.

Bear Aleksandra Perec Polonia Polonia

I'm Aleksandra Perec I'm a Polish illustrator, sculptor and graphic designer based in Warsaw. Bear carpet design is inspired by nature. Bears in Poland are protected, the more these animals are special in my country. The design of the bear carpet is made using the Batik technique - beeswax painting on fabrics.

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SpagnaMonica Martinez Sanchez


Quest’anno abbiamo ricevuto oltre 8.000 fantastici contributi. Per usare un eufemismo, è stato un compito arduo selezionare i 25 finalisti. La giuria ha basato la sua selezione sulle abilità grafiche, l’originalità e l’estetica.

La giuria

David Carlsson

Creative leader in design and communication

David is a creative leader with 30 years of experience creating, developing and running projects in areas such as design- / product and business development, branding and communication, both in Sweden and abroad.

Stefan Nilsson

Medial trend spotter

Stefan "Trendstefan" Nilsson is Sweden's most medial trend spotter. Constantly on the move he talks about interior design, food, fashion and lifestyle and is regularly featured in channels such as TV4, Sweden's Radio and a variety of different magazines. This year, Trendstefan looks a little extra for purple madness and sustainable projects.

Carin Terins

CarpetVista Purchase & Creative Director

Carin is in charge of both creative and purchase decisions for one of the world's largest online carpet stores. She has years of experience driving conceptual creative designs into sales for several commercial companies.

Daniella Witte

Interior designer and stylist

Daniella works as Interior Designer and Stylist with the camera as her best tool. She has developed a personal style that is recognized in her pictures., where focus lies in the light, nature, shapes and nuances. Daniella has several on going projects and around the corner lies the release of a collection she has designed for a Swedish interior designer.

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